Commercial Law

Commercial Law governs the broad areas of business, company law, sale, purchase and distribution of goods and services, Sector specific collaborations and other types of transactions. The firm provides legal expertise both on a national and international level, and also undertakes various negotiation assignments within the legal field. The firm has experience from a wide range of industry sectors as well as from the public community.


  • Legal services

    Further, legal services such as drafting, reviewing and managing contracts on behalf of our clients, is part of the daily legal routine of the firm.  The main incentive is to create solid and practical solutions that work in the clients’ day-to-day business.

  • Legal questions

    Our lawyers also possess expertise and knowledge relating to specific legal questions that are relevant in many commercial agreements. Examples include intellectual property questions, IT- and technology rights, personal data and privacy related questions, information security, public procurement and various compliance and regulatory questions.

  • Extensive & sophisticated advice

    Consequently, the firm is able to provide extensive and sophisticated advice that enables it to advise in the most complex of legal and commercial projects.